Laser Hair Removal is alway a topic my friends (both women and men) are asking about.
The questions I always get are:

  • Does it hurt?
  • How many treatments do I need?
  • Will all my hair be gone?

Does it hurt…..
Typically with a laser yes you feel each pulse. There are several factors that change how much you feel. Your pain tolerance, skin colour, hair colour and type all affect how your treatment will feel. The type of laser also affects how much pain you will have. Older laser are typically more painful as new laser have added features to make the treatment as painless as possible.

How many treatments do I need…..
6-8 treatments per area is the norm, but the factors that make the treatment painful or painless also affect how many treatments you need.

Will all my hair be gone…
All laser hair removal treatments are considered permanent hair reduction so at the end of your treatment you may find a couple hairs the laser could not get. There are a couple reasons why the laser can’t get all your hairs. Only your active hair cycle can be treated. Most people have 4-6 hair cycles. Most lasers can’t get very fine or light hairs that you may have left at the end of your treatments.

Most important thing to remember about laser hair removal is your treatments need to be customized for you. The clinic should have you fill out a questionnaire or ask you questions about your skin and hair. This will help them determine how many treatment you need and what settings they should use.