My first experience with hair extentions came when Jessica Simpson came out with her boxed line of clip-ins about 10 years ago. At that time we all thought they were amazing! The colour never quite matched, and because it was fake you couldn’t style it in any way with a curling or straightening iron. The texture and style was never keep seamless in your own hair, nevertheless it made your hair look fuller, thicker and longer!

Next, came the clip in extensions that were made of “real” hair that you could dye to match your own colour and style them with all your tools anyway you wanted! My Mom had bought some from the Raquel Welch line. They came in smaller sections so they were easy to place around your head (as opposed to one big wig type clip in like Jessica Simpson’s were). I started wearing these soo much whenever I went out that I decided to start looking at putting in more semi-permanent type extensions.

I researched the internet about all the different types of hair extensions that were available. The one that seemed to come up was great lengths. They used adhesive to bond small sections of hair all over your head. I have heard that the glue method can seriously damage your hair so I wanted to explore alternative options first. I wound up going to Kiwi Extensions (now called “FAKE Beauty”) and continued there for the next 8 years! I LOVED my extensions. You would be surprised just how many people have hair extensions and you don’t know. A Lot of women with shorter hair have extensions just to have fuller hair…not necessarily for length.

There are many many different methods of putting in hair extensions: clip-in’s, beads, tape, bonding and braids. The hair is also very different being either different synthetic materials or if it is real hair coming from people from different countries around the globe. The advantages of real hair far outweighs synthetic in that you can dye it to match your own hair colour,style it in any way and the texture will be more similar to your own. Each batch of hair has its own unique characteristics just like your own hair does (ie. curly, straight, wavy, thick, shiny etc). My advice is to go a reputable salon and speak to a professional about the right method and hair that will work with your own hair. One big drawback to real hair is the price point. While synthetic can cost you as little as $5 a section, real hair usually costs approximately $800, upwards of $2500 depending on how much hair you need (length and amount). The thicker your own hair is naturally the more hair you will need to purchase to look natural. You will also need to go to the salon every 2-3 months to have your extensions re-tightened to your head as your hair grows out and the extensions are pulled on from brushing and styling. This will cost you about $150-$400 each time.

I warn you of one thing…hair extensions are very addictive, so if you try it, you may not be able to go without!