“She is pretty!”
“Yes, but only because she has had work done.”

How many people have heard someone say these exact words….or said/thought them ourselves? Does having some aesthetic work done make someone less pretty? How many people dye their hair? So how is covering up grey’s any different than trying to cover up wrinkles?

Is there a reason women put other women down who get cosmetic treatments done to look better? Perhaps the reason is the media? They tend to focus on people that have an “overdone look” like humongous lips, breasts and are stick skinny. Is this really the norm though? Would you be surprised to know that the number 1 reason women get breast implants is because they feel self-conscious after the change in their breasts from breastfeeding. Does this make a women less beautiful, “fake” or “plastic? Even if she is just trying to make them the same as they once were? Now let’s consider a girl that just wants her breasts to be a bit bigger because she has never liked hers and feels it will make her look better? Is that wrong to want an aesthetic procedure for further happiness? Did you also know that approx. ⅔ of women don’t tell others that they had an aesthetic treatment done. Is it because they are embarrassed or want others to believe they naturally look that way? Are the cases of where people overdo aesthetic procedures the minority? Should we not all just accept that some people want to do aesthetic procedures…and in the end does it really matter what the reason is?
We should ask ourselves some of these questions the next time someone says “….oh but she has had work done”.