According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, Men getting non-invasive and invasive cosmetic procedures is up 43% over the past 5 years. There are a number of trends that suggest why there is such an increase. With the workforce becoming increasingly competitive it is said that older men are wanting to look younger to compete with the younger generations and move up the corporate ladder. Or could it mainly be that over the past couple of decades there has been a huge increase in cosmetic procedures and that it is no longer considered vain or taboo? Or is it to avoid such terms as “Dad-bod”?

Some of the most popular treatments are neurotoxin, filler injections, neck lifts, nose jobs, liposuction, eye surgeries and in many other countries penis enlargement surgery. There are different treatments that might serve a man better then a women. For example as men age they lose lots of volume in their face which greatly ages them. Whereas, as they get lines on their face it doesn’t necessarily make a man look aged, rather distinguished. So a man might be better opting for filler before neurotoxin. On the flip side lines in a woman’s face make her look tired and angry and women tend to have more fat, so females might opt for neurotoxin before filler. Liposuction is another big example of differences in males and females. Women have fat removed strategically to keep that feminine hourglass figure. While not taking out too much fat in areas like the butt or stomach. Whereas, Men might opt for high-def liposuction to sculpt in abs and biceps. One of the number one procedures for women is laser hair removal, while for Men hair restoration is extremely popular. Breast implants is the number one surgery for women whereas breast reduction is one of the most popular among men.

Men should not feel embarrassed or feminine for getting cosmetic treatments and embrace doing the aesthetic procedures that make them feel good!